Principal's Desk

On assuming the office as Principal of the prestigious and well regarded P.G. Senior Secondary School, I Convey my immense pleasure in getting an opportunity to work and fruitfully interact with all teaching andnon-teaching members. Dear students, their parents and other hands who have contributed this big family with their never tailing co-operation.

Education is not merely acquirement of facts that are found in the books but it means values that helpusto improve the different facts of Mankind. P.G. Senior Secondary School gives the same education by Offering our dear pupils an encyclopedic educationfrom Nursery to +2. We are always busy in theformation of a community where students need are on priority and where Traditional Indian and ModernWestern Education values are honored and encouraged to coexist.

At our P.G. Senior Secondary School the education system for K Classes based on entertainment and care of kids’ minds here we believe that each child is like a raindrop, just a ray of light and they project the entire rainbow our sole objective is to provide that ray of light and facilitate them to discover their True colors.

For 8+students we provide holistic learning and mould our pupils to take the real world challenges. We make invigorating and competitive atmosphere with the grand assistance of our trained, well educated and motivated teachers.

our guardians are one of the most special honoring bodies. We are always thankful to them for their divine co-0peration and support with a firm faith that their this love and affection in blessing form will Always be with the school family.

I have a few words for our dear pupils who are the leading persona cities of not only our motherland India but for the whole world, Always be punctual Never ignore toil, have patience and continue your journey without any halt until you are with your ultimate destination.

As Hon'ble A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says “if you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun'"

    With Best Wishes.

Sangita Singh