Vice-Principal's Desk

Itis matter of immense pleasure and proud to be part of P.G. Senior Secondary School which has given me the opportunity to serve, the mankind and society by holding a small flaming torch of education.

they say, Intelligence Plus Character-that is the Goal of true Education. “Really!a very meaningful and rare line is here. But Now a days education has received a unique and different definition which is emptying our mind and heart from moral values as truth, honesty, loyalty, dedication etc. While in real sense in the lack of these moral values a society can be formed but a healthy and good society can not beimagined. Books factors and other unnecessary and futile factors are being crammed in the minds of studentsbefore they develop their mind to comprehend them. in our P.G. Sr. Sec. School this process of education is not adopted but taught them to believe in values and then collect the facts if they are required. We tell our pupils to aim at the eye of bird not to the whole body, so that they may not be a Successful only in life but also a winner.we believe that teaching should be like a dewdrop. which gives freshness to the leaves and at the same time does not burden them with its weight. the education imported by the teachers should also be like dewdrops which enriches the students with knowledge and do not pressurize them Withits burden.

our dear students who are the nation builders in true sense astheyhave to hold the responsibility of trueCitizens, are also suggested to control over burning passion and be the architecture of their own career only then they will have Sincere education Good students are always the center of Education while thegoad teachers are always the center of Knowledge.

P.G. Sr. Sec. School has a very simple thesis "Something one finds difficult, doesn’t mean, one should not try. It means one should try harder. With double vigor and triple confidence.”

P.G. Sr. Sec. School is very grateful and thankful to its guardians and well wishers who have always been Supportive to Our disciplined and determined family. In the absence of their matchless co-operation, no doubt, the journey might beharder and tired some.

At last l wish to say to my dearstudents that they should always keep in mind what Dr.Kalam Said

"If you Salute your duty, you need not to salute anybody,
If you pollute your duty, you have to salute everybody."

Sunil Kumar Pandey